Thursday, 24 July 2014

Haircut - But why?

Hi Lovelies,
so in this post I'm going to explain why I cut my hair. I know I haven't posted anything for so long, but I just had no time at all. I was very busy for school and was always tired when coming home. But holidays started so why not just take this opportunity to write a bit. Right?

So it all started last year in Summer when I was on a vacation with a friend. We both wanted to bleach our hair, since it was really dark for summer and I just didn't like it that way.
It looked so boring and it wasn't a color where someone would say 'Don't ever dye your hair it's such a special color.' I wanted it to have more of an orange-brown tint. 

So we bought a bleaching spray. And girls please, please don't do that. It damages your hair it dries them especially in Summer. 
I used this this spray at the wrong time. I should've used it after my holidays, because with the sun my hair already lightened. Additionally the sea really dried the tip of my hair.
Of course you can use a lemon and squeeze it into your hair. It effects the same but doesn't damage your hair.

Here's a picture of how my hair looked before (still not my natural color, I died it mahogany once)

and after I used the spray:

So I always asked my mom if I could go to the hairdresser because I was so frustrated. I really wanted to change myself. Everyone has long hair and I just don't like going with the flow you know. I like standing out of the crowd, I just want to be different then other people. Being different also means being confident and that's something I really need to learn.
Furthermore I could do anything I want, my hair didn't obey anymore.
The third reason was that my hair looked so boring and was really flabby, but my mother was like 'No, no. You just cut your hair some months ago.' So I had to wait.

Finally, at the end of April, I told my mom: 'Enough I am so tired of my hair you can't even imagine. First of all, I need change. Second of all, look at the split ends.' So she agreed. I didn't tell anyone but my mom and my best friend, because I knew they would be the only ones to support me. 
Guys if you want to do something like this, don't ask other people's opinion, it doesn't matter at all. If you want it do it. It's your body and your decision. If you tell everyone, people will tell you not to do so and yada-yada-yada.

At the hairdresser, I told the woman that I wanted to cut my hair really short and she was so shocked, she knew my hair was my treasure and I didn't let anybody touch it. All the hairdressers asked me about hundred times if I was sure and I was like 'Guys please, just do it before I change my mind.' 
So first she grabbed all of my hair and just cut it off and I instantly felt so relieved that I got through it.
Right after this she washed my hair and seriously guys this is the most painful thing in my whole life that sink and the sting in your neck. Ugh. Who doesn't hate it. 
Next she cut the rest of my hair, she cut the back shorter and the front longer because my hair is really really thick. 
Last but not least she blow-dried my hair and put some hairspray into it.

And voila!

By the way I'm really sorry for the bad pictures I was so excited I forgot to take some good pictures.

So that's it guys, I hope I could motivate you to cut your hair, because sometimes there's just a lot of people who want to change but don't know how to or don't dare to.

xoxo classyjoy