Thursday, 8 May 2014

20 facts about me!

Hi Loves,
so lately I had like no inspiration at all and I just didn't know what to write on here. Although I need to write something right?

I'm just gonna tell you 20 facts about me, so that you know me a bit:
1. My name is Jo♥
2. I am half Chinese
3. I am a Directioner
4. I really like hanging out with my family
5. I love thunderstorms and rain
6. I should be studying math right now
7. I want to travel the world
8. I am always procrastinating
9. I like drawing
10. I always try to help people (if you need someone to talk to, write me a e-mail remember I
    am always there♥)
11. I love listening to music and just forgetting everything around me
12. I am always frustrating whenever I can't help someone
13. I want to do something with fashion or art in the future 
14. My favourite shop is Zara
15. I have a IPhone 5s in gold
16. I play piano
17. My little brother who's 10 is teaching me how to skateboard (can you say that like 'how to skateboard'?)
18. I am very veeery sensitive
19. I get grumpy very fast
20. but, I love laughing

So I hope this helped you to get to know me a bit, give me some feedback and maybe tell me a bit about you too.

Here's a picture of me:

xoxo classyjoy