Saturday, 26 April 2014

Mini-Haul- Shopping in Innsbruck

Hi Loves,
I'm just going to show you what I bought in Innsbruck when I travelled to Austria. It isn't that much but maybe there are people who want to know.

First is the body mist I bought at The Body Shop. It's the coconut scent, I absolutely love coconut, there is no scent I like that much. You can just spray it all over your body and it's smells perfect. It actually costs 10€ but it is reduced and so the prize is 6 € and it contains 100ml. I can really recommend it.

The next product is a lipstick, also from The Body Shop in the picture it looks orange but it's actually a mix of red and pink. It's really pretty because when you apply it it shines a bit silver and it also moisturizes your lips, so that they stay soft. It is the number 03 - 'Pink Charming' one and it costs 11€ it's a bit pricy but absolutely worth it.

So let's get to my clothes, both are from the shop Mango, which besides Zara, Vero Moda is my absolute favorite shop which sells clothes.

So here is the first piece:

It is a knitted sweater in a light baby pink and I think it is really beautiful for spring because it's just a really light color and I just love it! It costs 29,99€. 

On that day I was wearing a basic white t-shirt under it because it was a bit chilly outside and I didn't want to get a cold. I am matching it with white sneakers and a blue jeans to make contrasts, besides on the one hand I am wearing a leather bracelet from Pandora and on the other hand a tie.

My last article I bought:

So this is the last piece of clothing from my haul from Innsbruck. It's a Paisley jacket, in the colors coral, turquoise and white. It costs 49,99€ and I think it's so pretty and I like wearing it because it's really comfortable, well I think so. Additionally, you can wear it in the classy style but also casual. I personally prefer the casual style so a jeans and some white sneakers.

I hope you liked this haul, leave me a feedback also on my first post if you like it.

xoxo classyjoy ♥

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