Thursday, 24 July 2014

Haircut - But why?

Hi Lovelies,
so in this post I'm going to explain why I cut my hair. I know I haven't posted anything for so long, but I just had no time at all. I was very busy for school and was always tired when coming home. But holidays started so why not just take this opportunity to write a bit. Right?

So it all started last year in Summer when I was on a vacation with a friend. We both wanted to bleach our hair, since it was really dark for summer and I just didn't like it that way.
It looked so boring and it wasn't a color where someone would say 'Don't ever dye your hair it's such a special color.' I wanted it to have more of an orange-brown tint. 

So we bought a bleaching spray. And girls please, please don't do that. It damages your hair it dries them especially in Summer. 
I used this this spray at the wrong time. I should've used it after my holidays, because with the sun my hair already lightened. Additionally the sea really dried the tip of my hair.
Of course you can use a lemon and squeeze it into your hair. It effects the same but doesn't damage your hair.

Here's a picture of how my hair looked before (still not my natural color, I died it mahogany once)

and after I used the spray:

So I always asked my mom if I could go to the hairdresser because I was so frustrated. I really wanted to change myself. Everyone has long hair and I just don't like going with the flow you know. I like standing out of the crowd, I just want to be different then other people. Being different also means being confident and that's something I really need to learn.
Furthermore I could do anything I want, my hair didn't obey anymore.
The third reason was that my hair looked so boring and was really flabby, but my mother was like 'No, no. You just cut your hair some months ago.' So I had to wait.

Finally, at the end of April, I told my mom: 'Enough I am so tired of my hair you can't even imagine. First of all, I need change. Second of all, look at the split ends.' So she agreed. I didn't tell anyone but my mom and my best friend, because I knew they would be the only ones to support me. 
Guys if you want to do something like this, don't ask other people's opinion, it doesn't matter at all. If you want it do it. It's your body and your decision. If you tell everyone, people will tell you not to do so and yada-yada-yada.

At the hairdresser, I told the woman that I wanted to cut my hair really short and she was so shocked, she knew my hair was my treasure and I didn't let anybody touch it. All the hairdressers asked me about hundred times if I was sure and I was like 'Guys please, just do it before I change my mind.' 
So first she grabbed all of my hair and just cut it off and I instantly felt so relieved that I got through it.
Right after this she washed my hair and seriously guys this is the most painful thing in my whole life that sink and the sting in your neck. Ugh. Who doesn't hate it. 
Next she cut the rest of my hair, she cut the back shorter and the front longer because my hair is really really thick. 
Last but not least she blow-dried my hair and put some hairspray into it.

And voila!

By the way I'm really sorry for the bad pictures I was so excited I forgot to take some good pictures.

So that's it guys, I hope I could motivate you to cut your hair, because sometimes there's just a lot of people who want to change but don't know how to or don't dare to.

xoxo classyjoy 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

20 facts about me!

Hi Loves,
so lately I had like no inspiration at all and I just didn't know what to write on here. Although I need to write something right?

I'm just gonna tell you 20 facts about me, so that you know me a bit:
1. My name is Jo♥
2. I am half Chinese
3. I am a Directioner
4. I really like hanging out with my family
5. I love thunderstorms and rain
6. I should be studying math right now
7. I want to travel the world
8. I am always procrastinating
9. I like drawing
10. I always try to help people (if you need someone to talk to, write me a e-mail remember I
    am always there♥)
11. I love listening to music and just forgetting everything around me
12. I am always frustrating whenever I can't help someone
13. I want to do something with fashion or art in the future 
14. My favourite shop is Zara
15. I have a IPhone 5s in gold
16. I play piano
17. My little brother who's 10 is teaching me how to skateboard (can you say that like 'how to skateboard'?)
18. I am very veeery sensitive
19. I get grumpy very fast
20. but, I love laughing

So I hope this helped you to get to know me a bit, give me some feedback and maybe tell me a bit about you too.

Here's a picture of me:

xoxo classyjoy 

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Recipe- Detox Water

Hy Lovelies, today I'm writing a recipe for my Detox Water, if you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen a picture of it. Anyways here it is.

I won't tell you how many of all these things you need, it's all about you, if you want your detox water to be more sour add more limes etc.

What you need:

- water
- limes
- raspberry

Yep, that's all you need, not very difficult, is it? You can also add honey if you want it more sweet.

So take a bottle, a glass or a jar, as I said it's all about you. Put the water into the container, if it isn't cold put it into the refrigerator for a bit. So you need to cut the lime slices. Put them into the water and now just take some raspberries and add them to the limes. 

I made a huge mistake guys. I saw the recipe on the internet and they said that I should place my detox water into the fridge over night, so I did and when I tasted it in the morning it was so bitter because of the limes! So, don't do that…

My bottle I bought it in a little store, I love it, it's so so cute. Here is the web page where you can also buy food and so on, just take a look at it.

I hope this recipe was clear enough and yeah have fun trying it.

xoxo classyjoy 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Mini-Haul- Shopping in Innsbruck

Hi Loves,
I'm just going to show you what I bought in Innsbruck when I travelled to Austria. It isn't that much but maybe there are people who want to know.

First is the body mist I bought at The Body Shop. It's the coconut scent, I absolutely love coconut, there is no scent I like that much. You can just spray it all over your body and it's smells perfect. It actually costs 10€ but it is reduced and so the prize is 6 € and it contains 100ml. I can really recommend it.

The next product is a lipstick, also from The Body Shop in the picture it looks orange but it's actually a mix of red and pink. It's really pretty because when you apply it it shines a bit silver and it also moisturizes your lips, so that they stay soft. It is the number 03 - 'Pink Charming' one and it costs 11€ it's a bit pricy but absolutely worth it.

So let's get to my clothes, both are from the shop Mango, which besides Zara, Vero Moda is my absolute favorite shop which sells clothes.

So here is the first piece:

It is a knitted sweater in a light baby pink and I think it is really beautiful for spring because it's just a really light color and I just love it! It costs 29,99€. 

On that day I was wearing a basic white t-shirt under it because it was a bit chilly outside and I didn't want to get a cold. I am matching it with white sneakers and a blue jeans to make contrasts, besides on the one hand I am wearing a leather bracelet from Pandora and on the other hand a tie.

My last article I bought:

So this is the last piece of clothing from my haul from Innsbruck. It's a Paisley jacket, in the colors coral, turquoise and white. It costs 49,99€ and I think it's so pretty and I like wearing it because it's really comfortable, well I think so. Additionally, you can wear it in the classy style but also casual. I personally prefer the casual style so a jeans and some white sneakers.

I hope you liked this haul, leave me a feedback also on my first post if you like it.

xoxo classyjoy ♥

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Respecting yourself is doing what makes you happy

Hi Loves,
yeah this is my first post, I actually wanted to create a fashion blog but I think this is quite important. The post is a bit long but I'd really like if you'd read this, I hope it will help you. I want to make people happy.

There are so many people out there who are scared, afraid to speak up. They can't tell their opinion because of their fears of being judged, misunderstood or underestimated and so many other causes.

But you know what? Don't! 
It's your life and be proud of what you love and who you are! Actually the term 'YOLO' is true! Yet it's so misunderstood, because if anyone says 'yolo' you all think of someone who goes from party to party. Don't you? 
I think 'yolo' was actually meant to show people that it's their own life and they shouldn't be afraid of being who they actually are. 

A very important point for younger people like me is: 

You have the right to choose what you want to do in your remaining life, pick the one job. Do what you always wanted to. Become a model, journalist, singer, writer, teacher, architect whatever! You shouldn't work somewhere, where you weren't happy at all! If anyone ever says that you can't wangle anything, prove them wrong. I think it's just the biggest argument.

If anyone ever criticizes you on the person you are act uninterested, people like these want to bring you down. 

Show them that you love how you are, don't ever be upset for something that you can't change and most important respect yourself!
Believe in yourself because if you don't, then who else will? You must show people that you're confident until they understand that they can't reach you! Be arrogant sometimes, be a complete show-off!
Show people what you want and what you manage to do. If you do people will instantly look at you with a different point of view sometimes it might be bad but that doesn't matter, when someone doesn't love you for who you are they aren't worth it for making any effort for them. Otherwise, as long as you let people control you, your body or your emotions, they'll keep pushing you down, because they see how much power they have over you. They'll feel better because for once they will think that they are the best.

Look around you'll see that you are the only person who can help yourself, but I know you are strong enough to love yourself!

Give me some feedback if I could help you please...

xoxo classyjoy 

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